Sydney A griffin

2293 Miner ST. San Pedro, CA. 90731 * C: 602-568-1929


A seasonal trade’s professional who is able to consult, manage, and produce. A valuable asset because of an extensive experience using hands-on creative thinking skills in supervision, management, communications, field operations, OSHA, and FMCSA regulations. Hands on computer experience with Office, data entry, and web design. Experience ranges from trucking companies, as a driver or equipment operator, contractor in Home construction and remodeling, as a Carpenter/Contractor in new construction, and job-site management as a business owner. In addition, a highly successful track record in customer communications, Professionalism, and using safety and defensive critical thinking skills a accident free work place.


  • Skilled forklift Operator
  • Pallet jack and hand truck Operation
  • Punctual and Reliable
  • Responsible Driver
  • Courteous and Polite Driver
  • Blueprint Skills
  • Management/Supervision
  • TSA Approved TWIC Card Holder
  • TSA Approved Hazmat Holder
  • US Passport
  • Honest and Hard Working
  • H2S Training
  • H2S CPR First Aid Training
  • Safe-land P.E.C. Certificate

Experience Makes the Difference

  • Trucking
  • New Construction & Remodeling
  • Hotel/Resort Maintenance Manager
  • Property Management/ Landscaping
  • Heavy Equipment operator
  • Warehouse
  • Job Site management/ Supervisor
  • Yacht Management
  • Web Developer/ Web design
  • Data Entry/ Book Keeping

An Entrepreneur at heart

The 40 years spent in the Field has afforded me a tremendous amount of successful experiences. I am now ready to take my career to the next level and retire with a successful company,  while maintaining an accident free workplace, supervising and managing using critical thinking skills, and being recognized for leadership and achieving successful results. I am well versed in how to communicate with creative people and enjoy being the “communication bridge” for clients. I am comfortable in maintaining a “current” attitude while not afraid to think outside the box, if necessary, and accomplishing projects ON TIME and ON Target by doing what I do best.

Background Includes:

    • Meeting deadlines, navigating heavy equipment through adverse conditions.
    • Solid verbal and written communication skills.
    • Take charge attitude to take jobs to completion.
    • Creative and solid problem-solving to plan and execute challenging projects.
    • Effective management of complex multiple tasks.
    • Professionalism, and critical thinking skills.